Scarcroft Village Leeds
Scarcroft Village Leeds

Police information

Please find below crime report for OCTOBER 2016.




Theft Non Specific

Thorner Lane

Suspicious male seen stealing post. On police arrival suspect is stopped and spoken to before male runs off from PCSO’S leaving jacket behind, Suspect is chased into local wood and police dog finds male hiding in woods and is arrested.

X1 Arrested


Please Note A LOT more crimes to be added to this due to the amount of mail this male had stolen on the day.


Theft Non Specific

Ling Lane

Suspect approaches large external mail box and reaches in and removes parcel and makes off with same.


Other news:


Speeding issues – Speeding issues are being monitored by the police and if there is a specific area that you would like attention to be paid please let us know and will endeavour to attend these locations and report back at the next meeting.


Distraction Type Burglaries – There have been a couple of incidents in the surrounding villages of elderly people being targeted during the daytime by bogus officials. Please can we make the elderly people aware in the village and make sure that IDENTIFICATION is asked for when anyone attends their address who is not a regular visitor. (Can this be passed onto the coffee mornings etc and contact points?)


Landrover Thefts – Landrover thefts are becoming more common in and around the Leeds area. As some of you may be aware the last Land Rover Defender was produced recently and thus these are now going to become harder to get hold of. Criminals are targeting these vehicles as a means of getting parts for them. Please advise anyone who has in particular a Land Rover Defender to make the best efforts to secure it and take the appropriate actions to make it harder to steal.


Fly Tipping – At present we are suffering huge amount of fly tipping in the rural areas around the Harewood Wards. The majority of the waste it seems is coming from cannabis farms which have been cultivated in the nearby areas. I would ask that if anyone see’s any fresh fly tipping of this sort that they call the Leeds City Council Environmental Agency and get it removed. If anyone has any information regarding the criminal activity of producing cannabis please contact the police.


Many Thanks




Pc2010 Andy Katkowski

Harewood Ward Manager

Rural Crime SPOC

Outer North East Partnership Working Area

Leeds District

Wetherby Police Station

Boston Road, Leeds, LS22 5HA


Crime Panel Newsletter August




When looking at Insurance most of us add up the value of items kept in the house, we class these as 'our valuables' we take care of them using locks, alarms and security measures. However, when it comes to securing Sheds and Garages many of us aren't so careful!!


Just think for a while and add up the value of the items kept in the Shed and Garage.

Gardening Equipment and Tools


Golfing Equipment


It all adds up to quite a cost.


Is it all as secure as it could be or is it all down to a £2 padlock and the standard garage lock!


Please take some time to think of Shed and Garage Security. Check the general fabric of your shed. Are there signs of decay that would provide an opportunity for a potential thief to steal from it?


Is it possible to strengthen the door and frame?

What condition is the window in! Is it possible to fit a grille or mesh to the inside?

Are the hinges secured with Coach Bolts or non return screws, or could you just unscrew the hinges and open the door?

Have you secured items together with a chain and lock or secured them to the floor?


Have you post coded items with your post code and house number? Whilst you are doing this, keep a record of serial numbers.




The Wetherby Crime Panel has a supply of Shed Alarms for sale along with replacement lock barrels for uPVC doors. Telephone 01937 582 441


Require a FREE Home Security check?  Wetherby NPT are available. Simply telephone 0113 285 5374 and leave your details for a return call to arrange a convenient appointment.


See anything suspicious call 999 for immediate Police Attendance or

1 0 1 for non urgent attendance.


Thank you.

Maureen Brewer


Wetherby & District Crime Prevention Panel.

Crime Prevention Panel Newsletter


Summer Season has arrived.  So many residents are carelessly leaving windows and doors open without security locks on them.  Lots of garden furniture left out without being secured or post coded.  Numerous garden toys left around and garage doors and side gates left insecure.  All these opportunities are most welcome by the unscrupulous opportunistic thief.  Why give them the opportunity to make a profit at your expense.

Unfortunately we no longer live in a crime free world. We now have many more possessions than ever before.  Please look around and consider your home security. Do not place everything at risk due to lack of taking a few simply security measures.


NEVER leave keys in a vehicle when it is unattended, especially when you return home from shopping and you are unloading.


 The Wetherby Crime Panel are carrying out a replacement uPVC Door Lock program. Whilst PC’s and PCSO’s carry out your requested FREE Home Security Survey they often find the door locks are not up to the current required standard.  You will be asked if the Wetherby Crime Panel may call and discuss the replacement service they are carrying out. The replacement lock barrels cost £37.50p each and usually only take minutes to change. It is NOT necessary to change the door handle/furniture ONLY the lock barrel.

If you are interested in having your FREE Police Home Survey contact Wetherby NPT on 0113 285 5374 leaving your contact details and someone will get back to you.

Alternatively simply contact the Crime Panel direct on 01937 582 441 or


Remember the number for NON Emergency Calls is  1 0 1


Emergency  -  Immediate Police Attendance    still use   9 9 9


Members of The Crime Panel are available to attend your Community Events and to give Crime Prevention talks. Morning, Afternoons or Evenings. Large or Small groups. 


Thank you. 

Maureen Brewer  Chairman.