Scarcroft Village Leeds
Scarcroft Village Leeds

Neighbourhood Plan – SWOT analysis





  • Wealthy community
  • Wide skill base
  • Technical skills
  • Proximity to Leeds/countryside
  • Elevated village
  • Pub/cricket, croquet, woodland walks, etc
  • Village hall
  • No street lights
  • Residents who want to see a more sustainable village




  • Design – A58 cuts village in half
  • Separate enclaves, community doesn’t work as a whole
  • Demographics
  • No village shop/school
  • Limited public transport
  • Poor public pavements
  • No public space/play areas
  • No street lights



  • N.Power    - sponsorship for village facilities?


                              - building land

  • Scarcroft lodge future?
  • To gain facilities on back of more development eg shop, POS, etc
  • Cricket club site for future village amenity
  • Village plan to shape/guide future development
  • First right to buy New Inn if ever proposed to sell (as part of localism bill rights)




  • High land values therefore v advantageous for developers
  • If expands we could merge with Leeds and Leeds suburbs
  • Development of surrounding areas and neighbouring village development
  • Piecemeal development below Public Open Space contribution threshold – to avoid village contributions
  • Apathy of some residents
  • Lack of interest
  • Loss of village identity