Scarcroft Village Leeds
Scarcroft Village Leeds

Questionnaire to Residents

Questionnaire to Residents 2012 (map removed)
Sent to all residents July 2012. Note that there is now an improved map on the website
Questionnaire July 2012 with map removed[...]
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Map of Scarcroft with SHLAA Sites
Map issued in questionnaire but with extra notes naming each location and adding key places in Scarcroft to aid identification.
Scarcroft's marked SHLAA PDF.pdf
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Letter to go with Questionnaire

Dear Resident

You may have heard about the Localism Act which was enacted by Parliament in November 2011. This Act gave Neighbourhoods the chance to look at their area and say how they hoped it would develop over the next 15+ years by developing a Neighbourhood Plan. It is however not an opportunity to stop development but to say where development is acceptable and the type of development that is needed to bring a balance to the Neighbourhood. It is important that every type of consideration is included in the plan, because once the plan has passed through all the phases, and becomes a legal document; the specifications within the plan must be adhered to by the city planners. We must not miss out anything important because if it isn’t in the plan it won’t carry any weight with the planners in the future.

Scarcroft has a group of concerned residents, “The Development Group,” who are working hard to produce a plan. Earlier in the year you will have received flyers “OUR VILLAGE YOUR VILLAGE” telling you the dates of the public meetings about the plan. Whilst the Steering Group will lead on the production of a Neighbourhood Plan, it is important that it reflects the aspirations of the entire village and so it is vital that you have your say in what goes into it. We want to get your views on the village and as such would ask you to complete the enclosed questionnaire.

It is up to you to respond if you care about the future of our village. Your ideas are important and needed.

Neighbourhood planning is your opportunity to influence where you live.

How do I return my questionnaire?

There are three ways of submitting your Questionnaire. You may:

  • Drop your completed questionnaire in the ‘Red Mailbox’ attached to the wall outside the Village Hall
  • Hand your completed questionnaire in at the The New Inn Pub
  • Or post to:-

Scarcroft Parish Council, The Red Mailbox, Village Hall, Scarcroft, Leeds LS14 3AS

The deadline for returning your questionnaire is ?????? 2012.


We would like to thank you in advance for taking the time to complete the questionnaire. If you want more information on the Neighbouhood Plan or the Develpoment Group you can check the Village notice Boards or the website