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Scarcroft Village Leeds

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The new National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) – from Gary Jameson (March 2012)

This was issued yesterday and is commented on in most of the newspapers. We have to bear it mind when drawing up the Neighbourhood Plan so a copy is useful to have.
I can see parts of it being to our advantage, but I'm sure further discussion and media coverage will shed light on all the 'angles' and help us see what is good for Scarcroft and what may be less favourable.

Leeds Unitary Development Plan - from Gary Jameson (February 2012)

… here is a link to the UDP (Unitary Development Plan) website which shows the area in and around Scarcroft that is currently classed as Greenbelt The attached key should help

Leeds City Council's much anticipated Core Strategy went to the Executive Board last Friday (10th February). This document has been a long time in the making and the full Report is 126 pages long. The following link is to the covering report, which 'provides a useful summary as to the current position with the Core Strategy and how this ties in with any emerging Neighbourhood Plans and the vital Site Allocations Development Document (DPD)':


What other councils are doing / Leeds City Council SHLAA – from Andrew Birkbeck (January 2012)

From Andrew Birkbeck, Localism Officer, Leeds City Council - East North East Area Management Team 

During my Christmas break I did some surfing on the internet to look at some examples of what is happening in the rest of the country regarding Neighbourhood Plans.

What has become abundantly clear is that this many of those Parishes/communities that are at the more advanced stages of their plan have an internet presence in the form of a dedicated website.

Outlined below is a short list of links to Neighbourhood Planning sites from across the country.

Also attached below is a link to the council’s SHLAA website

Hope this helps

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Andrew Birkbeck

Localism Officer

East North East Area Management Team 

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