Scarcroft Village Leeds
Scarcroft Village Leeds


7th July



We’re seeing good progress at the playground now and members of the Parish Council are checking works twice per day as a minimum. Last week as saw the installation of the new gabion baskets which will ensure the scooter track can be installed, the new posts for the new fencing and also the installation of the much needed new drainage.
We will be taking photos each day from now on and will post a planned schedule of works asap so that everyone can see what is going on.
5th June

Playground Update April 2017

Unfortunately, wet weather in the Autumn/Winter halted progress on the playground which highlighted an unforeseen problem of water run off from the car park.  It is hoped that this will be addressed by redirecting the water into soakaways under the playground.  


Due to inaccurate measurements taken by the contractor excessive banking up to the car park has taken place resulting in loss of playground area.  Ways to reclaim this land are now being investigated.


With the reduction in total playground area, the contractors repositioned some of the play items. However, a number of these contravene safe falling areas and are to be moved to safer positions.

Looking on the positive side, the playground will now be completed in dry weather enabling better landscaping. 

Hopefully, it will be open by the beginning of the summer holidays.



Grant for Scarcroft Village Playground

The Master of Aurora Lodge No 4047 – David Fox was delighted to present a cheque for £2,000 to Mrs Breeda Murray and Mrs Ruth Middleton of the Scarcroft Parish Council, toward equipment for the Children’s Play Area currently under construction adjacent to the village hall.

The grant was made by West Riding Masonic Charities Ltd through the Provincial Grand Master’s Fund.

David congratulated them on their tremendous efforts in already raising in excess of £90,000 toward the project.

Breeda and Ruth expressed their sincere gratitude for the generosity of the Freemasons.

Unpadte 15.11.2016

Update 20.10.16


You will have seen that the playground is taking shape, but unfortunately, there is still a way to go before it will be ready to use, and our date for  opening the playground has had to be delayed. It is now looking unlikely that the playground will be open before next spring.


Timberplay started to install the equipment wc 10.10.16, but have had to install a further land drain, as the recent heavy rain caused pooling in the dip under the area the zip wire will go over – and no-one wants a muddy pool in the middle of the playground!


At a site meeting today Timberplay have said that they expect to complete the first phase of the installation by 21st October. The swings, bridges and zip wire components will not be installed until the end of the final phase and the site is fully ready to be used, as it may have proved too tempting for some children (or adults!) if the equipment was in a state where it could be used.


It has been decided to do this as the grass needs to be established – ie not walked on, and cut at least twice before the protective matting can be installed - otherwise it would have to be seeded again causing the Parish Council additional expense.


Once the first phase of the installation is complete, the groundworks contractor will return to site and install the timber fencing and access ramp, and hydro-seed the whole area.


The second and final phase of the installation will take place once the grass is sufficiently established to allow for the playground to be opened.

Update 6.9.16


‘’After initial delays in getting Leeds City Council to order the equipment, work on the playground is progressing well, some drainage will be installed this week and then the groundworks contractor will finish re-spreading the top soil. He aims to install the bike track next week, and has asked for permission from the TPO to remove one branch from a tree that is overhanging where the swings will be sited.


Timberplay should start to install the equipment wc 10.10.16, and they estimate that this should take them 2 weeks. When Timberplay have finished, the groundworks contractor will return to site and install the timber fencing and access ramp.


The final works will be to hydro-seed the whole area once everything else is completed, and it is estimated that completion will be at the end of October beginning of November, weather permitting.’’


2 August 2016. 

Update on Playground plans to date:
You may have noticed some activity on the play space in recent days.  The contractor undertaking the ground works has commenced digging!  Hurrah. 

We are still receiving some donations so thank you very much to everyone. We plan to display a list of those people who have donated to the play ground.
Monies received to date include - 
grants for £10,000 from LCC (ONECC) – to be paid in arrears, £7,000 LCC (Wellbeing Fund) – to be paid in arrears
£65,000 s106 monies
£8,836 donations
TOTAL. £90,836.
We have met with Leeds City Council, completed the relevant paperwork and provided all necessary documents to release the Section 106 monies. Leeds City Council will procure the equipment from Timberplay, we are awaiting them to place the order still but that should be in this week. We have had to get plans for the services provided on the site, so from gas, water and electricity. 
The ground contractor (Martin) has had to produce a revised quote to include fencing and other works not previously included.

The parish council have received and approved this quote (higher than previous quote obviously). We have also had to have a tree survey carried out on the land, prior to any works commencing.

Once we have dates we will update again.  


PriceList with Images.pdf
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