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Scarcroft Village Hall

Barn Dance

Saturday 19th March

  7.30 -11.00 pm

Tickets £10.00

(including Fish & Chip supper)

Dancing, Music & Bar

for tickets contact

Curly on 07780 977438

Leeds Festival Tickets

Details of how to apply for tickets, if we are fortunate to get any this year, will be posted here as and when we have any information.


Scarcroft Village  
Play Space Proposal   


Dear Resident,


Great News!


For many months, a group of enthusiastic volunteers have been busy behind the scenes trying hard to get a fantastic community project off the ground.


As a result, we are exited to announce that your Scarcroft Village Playground proposal pictured below has been give provisional support by the Parish Council and we are now putting in a planning application

We’ve been very fortunate to find funding from various place within the Council which covers the majority of the cost, however, we need to raise £25k to complete the project and make it happen.


We appreciate this may seem a lot of money, but we have roughly worked out that if each household in Scarcroft were to donate a minimum of

£40, we would easily reach our target!, leaving a great legacy for future generations.


Theres a couple of ways donations could be made:

You can donate directly to the Parish Council or you can choose to sponsor/buy a piece of equipment either individually or as groups. For details of cost click here.


If youre interested and want to find out more, please contact either of the orginisers below who will happily answer all your questions:


1. Breeda Murray:

2. Ruth Middleton:

3. Claire Moran:


Any help, suggestions and ideas for fund-raising are very welcome.


More details and artist impression here


Scarcroft Then and Now

A History of the Village


Olav Arnold and Lionel Scott


The first part of this two-pronged venture to record the history of our village was completed in December 2014, when the book was published.  The second part is to benefit the Village Hall, and so the village as a whole.  To date, more than two-thirds of the print run has been sold.  The costs of publication have been recovered, partly from sponsorship; and cheques for £1,000 in May and £500 in July have already been sent to the Village Hall.

Sales of the remaining stock are entirely for the Village Hall, and it is hoped that all those interested in the history of our village who do not already have a copy will now buy one.  There are over 100 pages of text and a similar number of photographs and maps.  It is excellently presented, having been professionally designed, and offers a comprehensive survey of our village from earliest times to the present day.

At only £10 it is very good value, and copies are available at the New Inn, from Sandra Thomson (289 2560), and also at the Thorner shop and the Collingham Post Office.

Church View Surgery Patients Participation Group
Collingham & Thorner

If you are interested in taking part click here for more details.


For the Draft Version 10 of the Neighbourhood Plan please go to the Neighbourhood Plan Home Page or click 'here'

Scarcroft Village Development Working Group

Sub – Group for sites to be protected 


Report of the investigation, findings and recommendations of the

                                  Sub – Group for sites to be protected.

details here


Scarcroft Blooms

The purpose of Scarcroft Blooms is to improve the social and physical environment of the area in which we live and to create a more picturesque village.

Click here for more details

‘’Supported by the Harewood Ward Members through the Outer North East Community Committee’’